Request for Funds

Please have your club fill out a Apollo Giving Program funds request and get it approved by the Principal.  Upon completion, submit to the PTO President and at the next PTO meeting the PTO Board will vote whether to fund or not.  Generally, the PTO approves $250 per club in exchange for 5 shifts.  It should be the students in the club asking for the funds who cover the shifts, not their parents.  Please note that one club cannot request multiple times.  For example, if girls lacrosse wants to fill 20 shifts, we do not have the funds to give clubs $1000.   Once approved, the club should e-mail with their approval information as well as the names of the students who will work the shifts.  Upon completion of volunteer shifts, the lead student should e-mail the PTO Treasurer at letting us know the shifts were completed.


Apollo Giving Program Request Form PDF